Why do so many people think they’re doing things right?

More than a quarter of Australians say they’re trying to do things right and more than half believe they are, according to a new survey.Key points:More than a third of Australians said they were trying to make money, while more than one-quarter believed they were doing the right thingSource: ABC News | Duration: 2min 29secTopics:education,community-and-society,health,social-media,internet-culture,australiaFirst

How to manage your investments with qualified intermediary services slideshare

The following slide show provides a detailed look at the different types of qualified intermediary service (QIS) that you can use to manage and invest in stocks and ETFs.You’ll find that, with QIS, you’ll be able to make better decisions about which investment you make and the funds you choose to invest in.Read more about

How does Ireland’s internet access bill affect you?

A bill being debated in the Dáil this week will set out how the country’s internet service providers (ISPs) are to be regulated and how they will be regulated by the Irish government.The bill is being opposed by both the Socialist and Fine Gael parties and the Government has pledged to oppose the bill.It will

How does blockchain tech help banks to make better and more efficient financial services?

How does digital intermediaries such as the blockchain help banks make better financial services available to their customers?The blockchain is a platform that is designed to be a digital ledger of transactions that can be shared, audited, and verified by third parties.These third parties, known as miners, can then process the transactions and verify them

How to get into the bank intermediary business

A year ago, we were at the point where banks had already started making money by providing intermediaries to foreign customers.And we were in the middle of a very big recession.It was an era where people were having trouble paying their mortgages, and banks were struggling to get their customers to pay them.The fact that

How banks can offer ‘excellent’ customer service

The high-end retail banking industry has become the first to emerge as a target of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s crackdown on online intermediaries in the wake of a wave of suicides linked to online harassment, according to the chief executive of a leading American bank.“The issue is a big one for our industry,” said

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