‘Biggest losers’ of Brexit deal are internet service providers, CricInfo report says

Cricinfo — Digital intermediary services (DIPs) are internet-based payment processors that offer online payments for businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and supermarkets in the UK.The deal with Google and the US will mean that DIPs will be able to offer services for internet companies, including Google Wallet, that are cheaper than traditional payment methods.However,

New York City’s police force faces the biggest overhaul in decades amid a sweeping overhaul of the city’s policing practices

New York city’s police department faces the largest overhaul in its history.On Tuesday, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of New York announced a settlement with the city over a lawsuit alleging discriminatory practices in its use of force.In 2015, the group filed a class-action lawsuit accusing the NYPD of discriminatory policing

Insurers say they’re ‘no longer going to be an insurance broker’ slideshare

Insurers have a few ways to manage their reinsurance business.They can sell the reinsurance to their insurance broker.They could buy the reins, and then sell it back to the broker.Or they could buy a reinsurance company.Or both.Insurers will likely be more interested in the latter, and there are some big advantages to it.The key to

Which of the following services are intermediaries?

The word intermediaries can be used to describe any service or service provider that offers a service or product for which a payment is required in order to use the service or the product.It is usually the case that intermediaries charge a fee for these services or products.Intermediaries also include those who provide a service

Which country pays the most to the UN?

An interactive map showing the top 10 countries that have paid the most money to the United Nations under its Intergovernmental Cooperation Fund for Peacebuilding, Peacebuilding and Human Rights (ICPLR).ICPLR is an independent, multilateral United Nations agency established by the UN General Assembly in 1974 to promote peace and development and to assist countries in

Why do so many people think they’re doing things right?

More than a quarter of Australians say they’re trying to do things right and more than half believe they are, according to a new survey.Key points:More than a third of Australians said they were trying to make money, while more than one-quarter believed they were doing the right thingSource: ABC News | Duration: 2min 29secTopics:education,community-and-society,health,social-media,internet-culture,australiaFirst

How to manage your investments with qualified intermediary services slideshare

The following slide show provides a detailed look at the different types of qualified intermediary service (QIS) that you can use to manage and invest in stocks and ETFs.You’ll find that, with QIS, you’ll be able to make better decisions about which investment you make and the funds you choose to invest in.Read more about

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