How many times have we said ‘thank you’ to a stranger? The answer is more than you might think, says a University of Toronto study

Researchers at the University of Ontario, Toronto have discovered that people respond in many different ways to receiving a thank-you from a stranger, from “thank you” to “thank-you-in-person”.The findings, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, may help us better understand how our responses to social interaction vary from one social interaction to the next.They

How to figure out whether you need to get a car insurance quote from a car dealer

The best way to get an insurance quote, even if you’re new to car insurance, is to get the quotes from a trusted car insurance broker.The key is to find the best car insurance company for your needs, which is often an insurance company that’s based in the state you live in, or one that’s

How to protect yourself from identity theft

The next step in the process of protecting your personal information from identity thieves is to learn how to protect your personal identity online.That means that you must also understand how to identify the sources of your personal data, who is collecting it, how to use the information for your own benefit and how to

The US Supreme Court strikes down California’s “pay-to-play” law

A U.S. Supreme Court justice struck down California state laws targeting internet providers that accept payments for providing “pay to play” services that allow people to circumvent the state’s internet filtering and access certain content online.The court’s 5-4 decision Thursday evening, which was joined by the court’s three conservative justices, was a setback for internet

From South African penguin to Cape Town, the biggest animal news

Cape Town—A young penguin is the latest animal to cross over from the African continent into South Africa.Penguins are a rare species, but Cape Town is home to a number of species that have crossed the continent from South Africa in recent decades.The penguin that became Cape Town’s first penguin in the country is named

How much does a new law in Australia make a new intermediary?

A new law to allow Australians to sell goods online is setting off a flurry of activity on the Australian stock market, with the country’s biggest stockbrokers all weighing in on the law’s chances of passing.Key points:A new law allowing Australians to buy goods online passed the Senate in March and is due to be

How you can protect yourself from carriage service intermediaries

The Federal Communications Commission on Monday proposed sweeping new rules for Internet service providers to protect their customers against the abusive practices of service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.The rules are designed to limit the use of “carriage service intermediacy,” or “CSP,” by internet service providers and could make it harder for those companies

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