When is a payment transaction good enough to charge fees

Durban, South Africa — For the past four years, a group of South African economists has been working on an idea that’s been bubbling for some time.The idea is that, given a certain amount of time and enough transactions, it makes sense to charge a fee for every transaction.The fee should be based on the

South Africa’s top ISPs are giving their customers the ultimate access to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

Bleacher Reports South Africa (BLSA) has recently announced a partnership with an unnamed social networking service to give its customers the ability to connect to a wide variety of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter without having to switch any of their internet providers.The deal with the popular social network has reportedly already been

How to get into the bank intermediary business

A year ago, we were at the point where banks had already started making money by providing intermediaries to foreign customers.And we were in the middle of a very big recession.It was an era where people were having trouble paying their mortgages, and banks were struggling to get their customers to pay them.The fact that

From South African penguin to Cape Town, the biggest animal news

Cape Town—A young penguin is the latest animal to cross over from the African continent into South Africa.Penguins are a rare species, but Cape Town is home to a number of species that have crossed the continent from South Africa in recent decades.The penguin that became Cape Town’s first penguin in the country is named

What you need to know about Google’s global intermediary services

Google is offering its own version of intermediary services that let people make money with their services.The company is offering a service called “digital intermediary service” (DPS) that lets you make money by making payments with a number of different types of services that are offered by companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter.You can

How to buy a VPN in South Africa

Durban – The South African capital, with a population of more than 4.5 million, is often described as the most expensive city in the world to live in.It’s also one of the most congested cities, with traffic jams on major roads in its CBD, the most densely populated of all cities in South America.In 2017, the

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