‘Biggest losers’ of Brexit deal are internet service providers, CricInfo report says

Cricinfo — Digital intermediary services (DIPs) are internet-based payment processors that offer online payments for businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and supermarkets in the UK.The deal with Google and the US will mean that DIPs will be able to offer services for internet companies, including Google Wallet, that are cheaper than traditional payment methods.However,

When It Comes To Using VPNs For The Internet’s Most Hidden Things

The best VPNs, like Tor, allow users to tunnel their browsing and browsing history across the web.That way, they can circumvent censorship, block ads and track your internet activity without having to go through an intermediary service.But there’s one problem: They’re often too expensive for many people.Here’s what you need to know about the VPNs

How does blockchain tech help banks to make better and more efficient financial services?

How does digital intermediaries such as the blockchain help banks make better financial services available to their customers?The blockchain is a platform that is designed to be a digital ledger of transactions that can be shared, audited, and verified by third parties.These third parties, known as miners, can then process the transactions and verify them

The ‘internet of things’ will soon become a $2 trillion industry, with $2.2 trillion worth of devices on the market, says McKinsey

By now, you probably have a smart thermostat, a smart camera, an app that connects to your home security system, a home automation system, an automatic garage door opener, a water pump, an alarm system, and more.You’ve probably even had a smart doorbell.All of those smart devices and services are expected to become increasingly common,

What you need to know about Google’s global intermediary services

Google is offering its own version of intermediary services that let people make money with their services.The company is offering a service called “digital intermediary service” (DPS) that lets you make money by making payments with a number of different types of services that are offered by companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter.You can

How to stop Facebook from selling your data

As Facebook continues to evolve its digital intermediaries offering the same data access options and privacy settings as Facebook itself, many people have found themselves having to navigate a world of confusion and confusion about what the data is and how it is to be used.To help ease the process of understanding the world of

A new class of Internet intermediaries faces new regulation, court rules

New rules will soon be introduced that will give regulators new authority to regulate intermediary services as well as traditional intermediaries that help people connect online.These new regulations, known as a Digital Interface Registration (DIR) or DIR, were proposed by the Federal Communications Commission and are expected to be approved by the FCC in the

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