How to protect yourself from identity theft

The next step in the process of protecting your personal information from identity thieves is to learn how to protect your personal identity online.That means that you must also understand how to identify the sources of your personal data, who is collecting it, how to use the information for your own benefit and how to

Which companies are offering services to Chinese internet users?

The Chinese government and internet service providers have been quietly partnering with Chinese internet service companies to expand their reach into China, with Chinese companies offering internet access to people in remote areas of the country, as well as offering local access to Chinese citizens, and Chinese citizens in China getting access to local access.This

How to spot a fake intermediary service agreement

How to tell if a service intermediary service is a fake deal: You can tell if the service is legitimate or a scam if the provider is using a trusted name, but if you use a trusted alias, the service intermediary will be in trouble.Here are some of the best and worst examples of intermediaries

How India’s adoption agency is helping thousands of children’s parents through Aadhaar and mobile app

A new government initiative to help parents adopt their children through Aadhaar has found a significant boost in adoption volume in India.The government’s adoption advisory body, the Ministry of Child Welfare and Child Development, or MCCWD, has asked agencies to help with adoption, especially in rural and remote areas where the adoption process is slow,

Why do so many people think they’re doing things right?

More than a quarter of Australians say they’re trying to do things right and more than half believe they are, according to a new survey.Key points:More than a third of Australians said they were trying to make money, while more than one-quarter believed they were doing the right thingSource: ABC News | Duration: 2min 29secTopics:education,community-and-society,health,social-media,internet-culture,australiaFirst

The best way to use the blockchain to build a decentralized marketplace

Google News is a search engine that helps people find what they’re looking for.If you’re looking to build your own decentralized marketplace, you need to use Google News as your intermediary.That’s because Google News has a built-in feature that enables anyone to build and run their own decentralized exchange using the Google News platform.The feature

How banks can offer ‘excellent’ customer service

The high-end retail banking industry has become the first to emerge as a target of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s crackdown on online intermediaries in the wake of a wave of suicides linked to online harassment, according to the chief executive of a leading American bank.“The issue is a big one for our industry,” said

How to define intermediary services for an insurance policy?

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to define an intermediary service in your insurance policy.To help, here are some of the different options:1.The intermediary service is defined as a service that provides a service to another party.For example, the intermediary service can be an insurance agent or a customer service representative.If the intermediary

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