How to tell if an intermediary insurance service provider is trustworthy

This is the question everyone has been asking about intermediary insurance.For the uninitiated, the term refers to a broker-dealer that deals with insurers to make payments.When a broker offers to pay a company for services, the company is usually told to send the payment directly to the intermediary.This is how insurers have a way to

Why I don’t use Airbnb and other digital nomads’ Airbnb services

How to get a job in Canada as an Airbnb host?By Jennifer Leong-O’Connor, The Canadian Press, 7 June 2018 | 00:55:00Canada has more than a million Airbnb hosts.A recent study by the University of Toronto found that Airbnb has been used by more than 70,000 Canadians.Airbnb hosts, however, are not considered “hosts” under Canada’s employment

Which banks are providing banking services?

The International Federation of Credit Unions (IFCU) has released its annual list of the world’s largest financial intermediaries, which it said was the most comprehensive list of financial services companies.The IFCU released the list for the first time on Thursday, a year after the global financial crisis hit.It includes major international banks, including Barclays, Royal

How do you make money as an intermediary service?

By 2020, intermediaries will make up almost half of all retail customers and their revenues will exceed those of traditional retailers by 2020, according to a study by the National Association of Reinsurance Institutions (NARII).The research, commissioned by NARII and released on Monday, predicts that by 2020 intermediaries could make $1.2 trillion in revenue, up

How to Get Your Credit Card Debt Downgraded for a Lower Rate of InterestAxios title The biggest risks in your credit card debtAxios

Axios article The credit card industry has been struggling with its own debt crisis for years, as companies have been trying to find ways to cut costs and boost profitability while also maintaining their customers’ faith in them.A new report from Credit Karma shows that the credit card sector may be heading into an even

‘I was just trying to save money’: What is the legal definition of ‘commercial intermediary’?

It’s an interesting legal question, and one that has led to the Federal Court hearing in the Federal Circuit today.The Federal Court has asked the Federal Government to clarify its definition of commercial intermediary services (CIS) to help clarify the law surrounding the issue.The case involves the use of a bank’s commercial intermediary service to

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.: ‘We Are Going to Make an Exotic Offer’ to Mobile Phone Companies

Samsung Electronics has set up an agency that will oversee its mobile phone business.The move comes after the company had previously promised to give away the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, among other devices.Samsung Electronics, founded in 1972, has more than 1,400 mobile phone brands.The Korean conglomerate is not currently selling its mobile

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