When the bank can’t make a deal, it calls a lawyer

As the United States and its international allies continue to press Iran to curb its nuclear program, a new twist has emerged in its quest for international legitimacy.

The new U.S. administration, led by Donald Trump, has indicated it is willing to use a provision of the Iran nuclear deal that would require the U.N. Security Council to approve a deal with Tehran.

That means that, in effect, the U,S.

could impose sanctions on Iran, as long as the U is able to obtain an International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision on whether the deal is “in the national interest.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement Tuesday, called the U.,S.

move a “dangerous step.”

“It will give the United Nations the authority to impose sanctions in order to intimidate the world into accepting an illegal agreement that is neither in the national interests nor the interests of the Iranian nation,” the statement said.

The U.K., France and Germany are among those that have threatened to veto the deal.

The International Court is a non-judicial body established by the United Nation Security Council that is tasked with deciding whether a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is in the interests or not of the international community.

The court was created in 2004 to resolve disputes between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates over the future of the Gulf state’s nuclear program.

The UAE, a U.A.E. ally, has denied it is seeking a nuclear weapon.

“We are fully confident that the international court will find that this is a deal that is in Iran’s national interest,” the U to the UNSC said in its statement Tuesday.

The decision by the UN.

General Assembly on June 20 to endorse the deal was hailed as a significant step by international leaders and the world’s nuclear powers, including the United states.

The deal, which was approved by the 193-nation General Assembly, was signed by Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif and U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry on June 18 in New York.

The UNSC passed the resolution on June 26 after U. N. diplomats spent weeks in Vienna negotiating the wording.

The council’s resolution is expected to be approved by a vote of the full 193-member General Assembly next week.

It was approved unanimously.

Trump has said he wants the U

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