Which of these online services has the highest percentage of users who say they have made friends and family with them?

The average number of friends for users of an online intermediary services is 8% or less, according to a study published by The Lad.

This compares with about 7% for a Facebook Messenger service, and around 8% for an Instagram app.

In a more direct comparison, the study found that Facebook Messenger users have a friend base of 1.4 million people.

While there are plenty of online intermediaries out there, the online services surveyed by TheLad are the most popular among the top 5.

They are: FriendAdvisor, for mobile users, has around 2.2 million users.

Facebook Messenger, which has nearly 2.5 million users, comes in second.

Instagroutes, which launched in February, has 2.3 million users on its mobile app, followed by WhatsApp, with around 1.9 million.

Instagram, which was launched in October, has just under 1 million.

Facebook said the figures are the result of more than 6 million interactions with its user base.

It said that this includes more than 4 million conversations through Messenger with friends and friends’ family members.

A number of these social networking sites have seen users create new profiles, which then allow users to make friends with other users.

The number of people who say their online friends are “people who I’ve known for years” is also on the rise, according the study.

In fact, the percentage of Facebook Messenger and Instagram users who have made a friend with them rose from 6% to 8% between October 2016 and October 2017.

Facebook has also said that users who make friends on its platforms have more options to connect, with more options for friends to send messages, view content, and interact.

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