When China’s GSTs rise and the world’s banks are rattled, the world is watching

China’s economic slowdown has been a shock to the world economy and the financial services industry, with banks and credit unions all grappling with how to cope.

With the new financial year approaching, there are signs that the GST will push prices even higher, making the riskier lending practices of China’s central banks even more attractive to the global economy.

GST levies a 1% surcharge on all credit transactions and has been widely used to push up prices.

But for some financial services companies, the new tax is putting a damper on their plans.

“The [GST] is having an impact on the way we operate and how we work,” said Wang Guoqiang, chief executive of China Mobile, a leading mobile carrier in China.

“We’re seeing a lot of negative impacts on our operations, especially in Asia, which is the region where the Chinese economy is most vulnerable to disruption.”

The GST, which was introduced in 2014, has already pushed up prices of credit card transactions, debit cards and foreign currency payments, causing some of the largest banks in the world to cancel or postpone their international payments.

G2G China, a global payments giant, reported this month that it was pulling out of a $4 billion loan to two Japanese banks, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial and Nomura Holdings.

Last month, Citigroup reported a $6.5 billion charge on its $2.8 billion global account.

The new GST is expected to push the cost of a foreign currency transaction to 2.7% on some transactions, compared to 3.5% now.

But the rise of the new G2X levy will be especially disruptive to Chinese banks.

G3X China, which serves as the global intermediary for banks, said it is preparing for the impact of the G2x levy by ramping up its payment service offerings.

“For China, it will be an additional charge on all international transfers and payments, with additional costs added to the cost,” G3 said in a statement.

G1X China and Bank of America Merrill Lynch both said last month that they will have to cut their payments to other banks.

Other financial firms have also expressed concern.

Bank of England Group Plc and Credit Suisse Group AG said they were reducing their credit card and international payments in response to the new measure.

“This is just the beginning,” said J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. CEO James Gorman.

“It’s an extremely serious tax, it’s going to have a significant impact on our businesses, and it’s an area that we’re very concerned about.”

G2P China, an umbrella group of the world, also reported last month it would cut its payments to all its competitors.

Other large banks have also been taking the threat of the tax seriously.

Deutsche Bank AG said in January it would have to make “decisive changes” to reduce its global credit card network.

“As the G3 levy and other new regulatory requirements are implemented, we will need to be proactive and consider the impact on both our financial operations and our businesses,” Deutsche Bank said in the statement.

“While we will not be able to predict or react to the full impact of our global operations, we believe it will have a negative impact on all our businesses.”

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