South Africa’s top ISPs are giving their customers the ultimate access to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

Bleacher Reports South Africa (BLSA) has recently announced a partnership with an unnamed social networking service to give its customers the ability to connect to a wide variety of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter without having to switch any of their internet providers.

The deal with the popular social network has reportedly already been confirmed by the government.

The service, called Tnt, is a social network application for mobile devices which is now available for download in South Africa.

In the past, users can log into Tnt through the popular online portal MyFitnessPal and then download a mobile app which then connects them to the social network.

A similar app for iPhones and Android devices has also been launched.

However, it is unclear how many users have been able to sign up for the service as of now.

As of today, only South Africa has the capability to use the app and that is thanks to a partnership between Tnt and Facebook.

Tnt allows users to sign in to Facebook through their Tnt mobile app and then connect to the Facebook website via a mobile device.

The app then provides access to other social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

TNT also allows users access to popular online portals like Facebook and Twitter, but these sites require the user to log into their Facebook account before using the social networking site.

This is not the first time Tnt has partnered with a social networking company and it is not just for South Africa though.

The company has also partnered with South Africa Telecom to allow users to connect directly to their mobile devices using the same portal.

This has also allowed users to access Facebook and other popular online social networking services, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Snapchat Messenger and Viber.

Tpt will also allow users of Tnt to access the likes, comments, and shares on Tnt.

While Tnt’s mobile app has been launched in South African cities, the service is currently only available in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

According to the company, the South African government has yet to officially announce whether or not it will also launch the service to other cities.

It is unclear at this time how many South Africans are able to use Tnt or how many of the Tnt users are currently connected to the app.

It will be interesting to see if the government will eventually launch Tnt in other countries as well.

Bleacherreport South Africa is the largest and most populous country in Africa and boasts an estimated 24 million internet users.

Despite the huge population, the country has yet do any major social networking infrastructure.

Although the country’s mobile data service provider, Tritel, is currently providing the internet connectivity to all South Africans, Tnt remains only available to those who have an internet connection.

However this is no longer the case as the company is now offering a free trial for users.

The trial lasts for a month which is available to everyone in South Korea, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Finland, Italy, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, India, Turkey, Mexico, China, Poland, Turkey and Slovakia.

A free trial of Tpt is currently available for users in Argentina, Australia, Brazil and the United States.

Users can then choose to pay $5 per month to connect their Tpt device to the internet.

If they decide to continue using the service after the trial period, they can also purchase the full version for $10 per month.

According the Tpt CEO, a service that offers the ultimate social networking experience is not something many people would choose to do.

He added that he was surprised at how many people are still unable to connect with their friends and family on Facebook, but he added that Tnt was only one of several options available for social networking in South Africans.

He also added that the company would not be offering any new features to Tnt beyond that which is already available in the mobile app.


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