From South African penguin to Cape Town, the biggest animal news

Cape Town—A young penguin is the latest animal to cross over from the African continent into South Africa.

Penguins are a rare species, but Cape Town is home to a number of species that have crossed the continent from South Africa in recent decades.

The penguin that became Cape Town’s first penguin in the country is named Keba, which means “belly” in the local language of Pemba, which translates to “little” or “little bird.”

A local zoo and a couple of local penguin rescue teams help Kebas caretakers keep the penguin happy, which helps Kebal to learn how to walk.

Keba is the first penguinian in South Africa to be released into the wild.

Cape Town Zoo spokesperson, Tarek Gueye, says Kebbae is an example of how the penguins in South African zoos are trying to improve their conditions.

Gueye says the penguino is now housed in a cage, where he can walk around freely.

The zoo is trying to bring him back into the community, but they will have to wait a while for that to happen.

Zoo spokesperson, Aimee Jansen, says the zoo is now working to raise funds for a permanent home for Kebabae, who has become a symbol of the zoo and its efforts to protect endangered penguins.

A spokesperson for the South African Government’s Wildlife Protection Unit says Kababae is the penguine’s only home and that the zoo needs to work with the public to find the right solution.

He says the city is working with the zoo to find a suitable permanent home.

“The penguins at the Zoo are not only a symbol for the Zoo, they are also a symbol to the local community.

They are also symbolic of what the Zoo is trying and is working to do,” says Jansen.

While the penguinos at the zoo are not alone, the majority of penguins are released in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, the penguens are not released at the zoos.

Instead, the animals are captured in large cages and shipped to the Royal Zoological Society of London (RZSL) in London.

In South Africa, penguins that have become separated from their natural habitat are usually given a name and given a home to live in.

South African penguins make up a small proportion of the population of penguin species in the wild, but the zoo has a long-term plan to save them.

When the zoo released Kebba, it became a symbol and a symbol-in-rescue of the zoo.

In 2015, the zoo also released a baby penguin, which was named Zulu.

For now, the baby penguins continue to be kept in the zoo’s care.

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