How banks can offer ‘excellent’ customer service

The high-end retail banking industry has become the first to emerge as a target of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s crackdown on online intermediaries in the wake of a wave of suicides linked to online harassment, according to the chief executive of a leading American bank.

“The issue is a big one for our industry,” said John Gorman, chief executive and co-founder of the New York-based American Bankers Association.

“The threats that are made to our customers are incredibly real.

This is why we have to be vigilant and to be prepared to fight back.”

The Israeli government has sought to clamp down on online harassment by cracking down on intermediaries, including financial institutions, and clamping down on the payment of bills.

Last week, it ordered the closure of four Israeli-based online payment processors for failing to comply with a law that bars intermediaries from accepting money from Israeli citizens.

The Israeli Prime Minster, Benjamin Netanyahu, has also ordered that banks and payment providers should be required to post online notices that warn customers about cyber threats, and to warn them that the government is targeting intermediaries.

Netanyahu has also imposed restrictions on the use of credit cards, making it difficult for people to pay bills on their mobile phones or online.

The American Banker’s Association has been lobbying the government to pass legislation that would prevent banks from accepting cash, saying the move could affect the quality of service and deter small business owners from operating in the country.

“We have a real concern that if you don’t have the ability to provide service to the people, if you can’t get their money out, that they will stop coming into the country,” Gorman said.

Israel’s banking industry is among the most regulated in the world.

The government requires banks to have a minimum of three branches in each city and the banks are required to verify their customers.

The legislation passed by Israel’s parliament in January and signed into law last week requires that banks with branches in the Palestinian territories and Gaza Strip and those in the West Bank must post a notice on their websites and on their website ads that they “will not accept money from foreign banks” and that they are “currently subject to a criminal investigation and sanctions.”

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