The ‘internet of things’ will soon become a $2 trillion industry, with $2.2 trillion worth of devices on the market, says McKinsey

By now, you probably have a smart thermostat, a smart camera, an app that connects to your home security system, a home automation system, an automatic garage door opener, a water pump, an alarm system, and more.

You’ve probably even had a smart doorbell.

All of those smart devices and services are expected to become increasingly common, and in the next decade, the market for them could grow from $2 billion to $4 trillion.

But for the first time, we can begin to see the potential for these devices to become part of the internet of things.

That’s because there’s now a new and very powerful piece of technology in the “internet of everything,” a piece of software that connects all the connected devices you use on a daily basis to a centralized database.

That database is called the IoT, short for “Internet of Things.”

What is IoT?

The IoT is a collection of devices that are connected to the Internet of Things, which means they have Internet of things capabilities.

These devices can connect to other IoT devices to communicate with one another, so you can turn on a smart light, set a thermostamp, or turn off your lights to start a garage door.

The IoT could be used to automate everything from doorbells to smart locks.

Theoretically, it could even replace some of your traditional home automation systems.

But while most of these devices have Internet-of-Things capabilities, they’re currently only in the early stages of development.

Most of the IoT software we’re seeing right now is built around a platform called Arduino, which is the first commercial Arduino-based IoT platform.

Arduino has been around since 2014 and has been adopted by thousands of companies around the world.

Arduino is also incredibly powerful, able to be used for everything from a smartphone to a car to a home security camera.

But the platform is a bit like an old-fashioned calculator: It’s a relatively small, simple, and cheap tool, and it’s also a bit hard to use.

But it’s so powerful, it has allowed many startups to develop their own custom versions of Arduino and use it to build the kind of IoT applications we’re now seeing.

But Arduino is not the only IoT platform on the scene.

In fact, there are hundreds of other platforms built on top of Arduino that can all have IoT capabilities.

The IoT community has built a wide variety of different IoT platforms, and there are several other companies building their own.

These are the big players in the IoT space right now.

But there’s another company, called SmartThings, that is trying to make the Internet-connected home more useful.

SmartThings is building an entire set of tools that can connect IoT devices and software to automate your home.

For example, it’s building a home-automation platform that uses Arduino to automate the doorbell, which has the same functionality as a doorbell in the normal home.

You just plug the device into a SmartThings hub and the system starts to work.

SmartThings’ Smart Doorbell platform is based on Arduino, so it has the exact same functionality.

But because SmartThings’ smart doorbot can also be controlled remotely, it can communicate with other SmartThings devices to automate a door.

The platform can also monitor the status of the door, and if the door is opened, SmartThings will automatically shut the door.

If you’ve ever had your home alarm clock or smart door opener run off the power of the Internet, you know what it can do.

But when SmartThings created the Smart Doorbot, it used the Arduino platform to create a system that could monitor the state of your home remotely and automatically shut your door if your home goes down for more than a few seconds.

Smartdoor is a project where SmartThings developed a new tool that can monitor the home remotely, remotely control a door, send a notification when a door is open, and do all the automation you need.

And it’s not just doorbell automation that SmartThings wants to build.

Smart Doorbots are also being built to connect to smart thermoregulators and other IoT platforms to monitor temperature and humidity levels, to detect when the door has been opened and closed, and to trigger an alarm if you’ve left the door open for too long.

And in some cases, Smart Doorbots can even remotely control your doorbell and alarm system.

The Smart DoorBot is a very interesting product.

There are a number of potential uses for it.

For example, you could use Smart Door-Bot to monitor humidity levels in your home, and you could then set an alarm to remind you to turn the thermostats on and off, or you could monitor when your door is being opened and shut.

The Smart Door Bot also has sensors to

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