China to establish overseas-based foreign intermediary services provider for water supply services

China will establish an overseas-headquartered foreign intermediary service provider for the water supply business, according to a government document obtained by Next Big News.

This will be a new service provider that can provide a high level of quality service, according the draft of the new service regulation.

The company will have a strong presence in China and serve downstream water consumers in the country, the document said.

According to the document, the foreign intermediary will be able to offer the following services to downstream water customers: Water distribution, filtration, purification, water treatment, water supply and monitoring.

The draft regulation is expected to be released next week, and the draft is expected be published in the next two weeks.

It follows a number of regulations from previous administrations that have tightened water supply in China.

In November, China announced that it will allow private water companies to supply water to households and businesses, and that it would also restrict water-related activities to avoid pollution.

On March 18, China’s water supply regulator approved a plan to reduce the country’s reliance on foreign water supply companies, according a statement from the National Water Resources Administration.

Earlier this month, China began its first-ever auction of its water supply rights, which will give downstream water users more freedom to choose which companies to purchase water from.

China also plans to allow foreign companies to provide water to rural water consumers, including those in remote regions where there is limited water availability.

“China is currently building a new generation of water supply solutions for China’s population,” said Jason Li, a senior water analyst at consultancy firm Gartner.

“While China’s infrastructure is growing and new water supplies are being installed, there are no reliable and reliable overseas-funded water supply infrastructure in place for China.

China’s current water supply problems are largely caused by the country being a net importer of water.”

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