What you need to know about Google’s global intermediary services

Google is offering its own version of intermediary services that let people make money with their services.

The company is offering a service called “digital intermediary service” (DPS) that lets you make money by making payments with a number of different types of services that are offered by companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter.

You can use these services to send money to people or businesses that you do business with, to pay for goods and services, and to send email.

But it also allows you to make money from selling or selling advertising.

The difference between these two options is that the former lets you send money from your bank account to a website that you want to target, while the latter lets you sell your services to someone else.

“You can use this to make a lot of money from ads or from advertising and marketing, or you can make a great amount of money as a paid seller,” said Dan DeMoro, senior vice president at DigitalOcean, which is a company that offers this service.

But this isn’t the only way to make extra money from digital intermediary services.

“DPS allows you a lot more freedom in terms of who you can do this with, and what you can get,” said DeMoros.

The idea behind this service is to allow you to sell your advertising space to anyone, including someone who has a legitimate business selling advertising, or a group of companies that have a legitimate reason to sell advertising space, or someone that has a good idea of how to sell ads.

This is the same idea that Google offers with its “Google Ads” and “AdSense” services, which are paid services that allow advertisers to reach customers.

“Google has built a platform that lets anyone sell their advertising to anyone,” said Ryan Nader, a senior vice-president at Google.

Google has a lot to offer to advertisers in the way they are paying for advertising space.

There is a variety of ways that companies are paying to advertise their services and how those advertisements are delivered to consumers.

These can include using third-party advertising services, or using a third-parties platform that is paid by the advertiser.

In the past, Google has tried to differentiate its services by offering both paid advertising and non-paid advertising, but Nader said Google wants to expand its services to include more advertising platforms that are not directly paid by advertisers.

The companies that are allowed to advertise through Google, including Google’s own Google Ads and Google AdSense, are allowed on this platform.

Nader explained that the “Google AdSense” platform is for people that are doing business with Google.

“The AdSense platform has the ability to create this platform that allows anyone to monetize,” said Nader.

But he said Google is trying to give advertisers more control over how their ads are delivered, so that they don’t have to pay Google for that ad space.

“We’re trying to get them to pay to have that space,” said John Gough, senior director of the AdTech Group at Google, which works on AdSense.

The way Google sells its services is through the Google Shopping platform, which allows advertisers to buy products or services through the site.

“There’s a lot that’s in place that lets advertisers to make an educated decision,” said Gough.

If you have a good ad, you can earn money from it.

If a bad ad is being served, you will get less money than if you didn’t make the ad.

But the advertising companies that pay for ads in Google’s Shopping platform are also able to make additional money from the ads they provide.

Nadella said that the goal of the advertising company is to make as much money as possible from ads on the Google shopping platform.

“If you’re selling an ad that’s going to be shown to your target audience, we don’t want to be seen as just a middleman for you,” said Yves Smith, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets.

Google’s ads are displayed in the same places that Google Shopping is available.

For example, you are likely to see ads in the Google search results and ads in other places like YouTube.

Google says that its advertising platform makes it easy for advertisers to target ads to people and businesses.

The Google Ads system, like all online advertising, is not free.

“Advertisers are paying a percentage of every ad they sell, or maybe more,” said Smith.

Google is not the only one that is trying this.

“In the past it was not a big part of Google’s business,” said Josh Kestner, a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

But that’s changed.

Google launched its first-ever paid ad program, which was a huge success for the company.

“It allowed Google to monetise the vast majority of its advertising revenue,” said Kesterson.

Now that Google is the biggest player in online advertising

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