How to avoid getting swamped by Trump-supporting fake news

On Sunday, the Associated Press ran a story headlined, “Trump supporters’ fake news campaign to ‘pump up’ Republican primary candidates”:The AP story reported that a Facebook group called The Trump Support Coalition has amassed more than 70,000 followers and is coordinating with candidates to push their own agendas, like Trump’s immigration policies.

The group is being run by an Indiana pastor, a former Navy SEAL, and an Iowa farmer named David Barton, according to a Facebook page that’s affiliated with the group.

The AP’s description of the group is as follows:This is the perfect way to help get the word out about the candidates and their policies and to create a better America.

“The campaign is being led by Pastor David Barton of the Rebel Media, the website run by conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who claims to have information on every Republican candidate,” the AP report said.

“The group has already begun circulating information on Trump and his family to candidates across the country.”

Barton is also a prolific Trump supporter and, according the AP, has even shared a video of the real estate mogul telling the group that he will be the one to take the country back.

The story didn’t reveal how many people have signed up for the group, or how many candidates have pledged to back the group’s agenda.

In a separate report published on Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the Trump campaign’s social media team was working to ensure that supporters of various Republican candidates receive the same level of attention from their followers.

The Trump campaign told the Times that it has “no official relationship” with The Trump Supporter Coalition.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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