Why ESPN lost its ESPN2 subscribers in 2018

The cable company lost more than 6 million subscribers in the second quarter, according to a report from Nielsen Media Research.

The loss of those subscribers has left ESPN scrambling to make money from other platforms, including ESPN2, the network’s online video platform.

ESPN2 has been losing subscribers since the start of the year, and it’s unclear if it’s the start or the end of the road for ESPN.

The company said it expects the network to be profitable this year.

ESPN has lost subscribers in every quarter since the second half of 2017, according the Nielsen report.

ESPN’s subscriber losses have come amid a broader decline in cord-cutting.

More than half of ESPN’s households now subscribe to cable or satellite, according an Associated Press analysis of Nielsen data.

That compares with less than a third in the early 1990s, when ESPN was a cable channel and more than half its households had cable or other forms of television.

More: ESPN has been hit with a federal lawsuit that says the network violated antitrust law by failing to sell a minority stake in its sports division.

The complaint alleges that ESPN failed to make good on a $1 billion pledge to shareholders, which would have given it a larger stake in the network.

ESPN declined to comment on the pending litigation.

ESPN also filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against rival cable channel Dish Network, which has a subscriber base of about 15 million.

ESPN filed that lawsuit against Dish in January, seeking to force Dish to divest its stake in ESPN.

Dish said last month it would not be filing a response to ESPN’s lawsuit.

ESPN is in talks with Dish and other interested parties, the company said.

ESPN lost around 5.7 million subscribers last year, according it data.

It was the fourth-biggest cable network loss among the five major U.S. cable operators.

The network also reported a loss of about 5.6 million U.K. subscribers in that period.

ESPN had about 7.2 million U-Korea subscribers, according its subscriber data.

The station also lost about 2 million subscribers worldwide in 2017, but that’s down from more than 4 million in 2016.

ESPN said it is still counting subscribers, and that it has lost about 6 million in the past year.

It has been working to expand into Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

It said in a statement that its U.L.A. sports network is “significantly growing” and will have around 100,000 subscribers this year compared with about 30,000 a year ago.

ESPN recently hired former NBC Universal CEO Michael Dell as an executive vice president of programming and global content.

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