When will The Simpsons return? We need more info for The Simpsons 2, Netflix, and Hulu!

By now, it’s clear that The Simpsons is going to be back, with a new series coming to Netflix in the near future.

The new show will have a very different look than the first one, which featured the original cast and some of the same creators.

But what about the characters?

Will they be returning, and are they returning for good?

Netflix has already released a teaser trailer for the new series, which shows a young Maggie Simpson, played by Amy Poehler, at work with a camera crew in the background.

It also shows a new character called Bart Simpson, who will have more of an adult role than in the first season.

While the new show may be new to you, there’s plenty of history between the two seasons, so we have a list of all the things you may be familiar with.1.

The Simpsons was originally supposed to premiere on May 22, 1994, but the show was delayed to April 21, 1994.2.

The episode “Simpsonville” aired in June 1993.3.

Bart Simpson had his first meeting with the new townspeople at a park.4.

The second season aired on April 19, 1994 and was followed by a sequel in February 1995.5.

Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson had their first child, a son named Homer.6.

The show premiered on February 28, 1995, with the show’s seventh and final episode airing on May 4, 1995.7.

Lisa’s dad is an alcoholic, so Lisa’s first day of school was postponed.8.

The Simpson family had a reunion in the Season 9 premiere, but they were not to be seen again.9.

Lisa and Homer’s daughter Maggie moved to Chicago and later to New York City.10.

The town of Springfield has become famous for the infamous “Lisa-mansion” and “Homer-mageddon.”11.

Bart is a lawyer.

Lisa is a teacher.12.

Maggie’s sister, Maggie, died of cancer in Season 5.13.

Lisa had a stroke in Season 7.14.

Homer was a vegetarian and was diagnosed with a heart condition in Season 8.15.

Bart and Lisa’s daughter, Maggie (now Maggie Simpson), adopted a boy named Jake.16.

Lisa grew a mustache in Season 9.17.

Lisa moved to Springfield and eventually moved in with her parents.18.

Bart’s first episode aired on January 16, 2019.19.

Maggie and Homer have two children, Marge and Lenny.20.

Bart became a lawyer and is now a judge.21.

Homer’s first meeting in the show took place at the Springfield Legal Services Center.22.

Bart got a new job in the Springfield Police Department in Season 13.23.

The Bart Simpson character returned to Springfield for Season 15, but his name wasn’t changed.24.

The series finale aired on February 11, 2020.25.

The Springfield Simpsons reunion was in season 14, but was not seen again, due to Lisa’s cancer diagnosis.26.

Homer and Bart’s daughter Marge moved to New Orleans, where they live.27.

Homer made his first appearance on “The Simpsons” in the episode “Treehouse of Horror VII.”28.

Bart, Lisa, and Marge had a son, Lenny, in Season 17.29.

The Season 19 finale aired in October 2020.30.

Lisa got married in Season 20.31.

The Homer Simpson character died in Season 25.32.

Lisa went to rehab in Season 29.33.

Homer got a second job in Springfield as a security guard in Season 31.34.

Bart returned to school for the third time in Season 32.35.

The final episode of Season 35 aired in November 2020.36.

Bart took a trip to Hawaii to visit his parents.37.

Homer decided to go back to college in Season 37.38.

The fourth episode of season 39 aired in January 2021.39.

The last episode of the series aired in March 2021.40.

Bart attended a funeral for Marge’s father in Season 42.41.

Homer became a vegetarian in Season 43.42.

Homer returned to college for the fourth time in season 43.43.

Bart made his third appearance in “The Simpson” in “Bart’s Special” in Season 44.44.

Bart moved to Florida for the first time in “Holidays at the Museum: Part 2” in season 45.45.

Bart married Marge in “Simpsons Christmas Vacation” in episode 44.46.

Bart went to a funeral in episode 45.47.

Bart was a lawyer in season 47.48.

Bart had his second surgery in episode 49.49.

Homer married Margo in “Tree of Life” in Episode 50.50.

Bart spent Christmas Eve with his family in episode 51.51.

Bart met Maggie in episode 52.52.

Bart started working as a detective in episode 53.53.

Homer had a seizure in episode 54

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